If you are interested in learning how to make apps, websites, video games, or just some cool hacker type stuff with your computer, then you’ve probably been thinking about learning either coding or programming.


But what’s the difference, and which one should you learn, to become an expert, create the things you want to create, and achieve your goals?

Well in this video, I’ll tell you the difference between programming and coding.


Computer programming and Coding are just two different words that describe the same thing. So there is no difference, coders and programmers do the same thing, they’re identical.

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No, no wait a second I’m just kidding, of course I’ll be giving you some more useful information in this video.

Especially, if you are interested in making apps, video games, websites, or create other cool things, I think it’ll be a good idea if I give you an overview of what it means to be a software engineer, or a developer, and what exactly it means to be a coder, programmer, and how each of them are different from for example from hacking or “scripting”.

So at a very fundamental level, when talking about computers, we distinguish between software and hardware.

Hardware is everything that’s physical, and that you can touch. The electronics that make the actual computer, the screen, the device itself.

Software, is anything that’s the virtual stuff that the computer creates. It takes electricity, and through some smart logic created by programmers, using 1s and 0s the hardware chips in your computer can create virtual worlds, like any of your video games, or apps that you use on your phone, websites, and even videos like this one, or even boring spreadsheet software and things that businesses and big companies use.

So if you want to create a video game like Minecraft, fortnite, or roblocks, a website like youtube, reddit, or wikipedia, a million dollar app like flappy bird, candy crush, or clash of clans, or you wanna make something that artists and creators can use like the next version of photoshop, or how about a social network like facebook, snapchat, Instagram, or ticktock, maybe you want to go into ecommerce like amazon or Alibaba. Bottom line, if you want to create the next big thing in technology, you’ll need to learn how to code. Because even if you look at the hardware, and how it’s made, you won’t get around the skills that coders and programmers have.

And even regular jobs are going to become more and more involved with technology, and coding, so if you want to be the next tech billionaire like steve jobs, bill gates, jeff bezos, or elon musk, or you just want to have a well paying job when you’re older, you definitely want to learn coding.

So what exactly does a programmer or coder do, and how do they get from having the idea for the next big thing to actually becoming a billionaire?

Well, there’s actually several skillsets we have to distinguish, and at this point we can clearly separate between someone who’s a tech entrepreneur, a software engineer, or simply a “coder”.

See, if you want to go from having an idea for an app, to actually making money from it, there are hundreds and thousands of steps in the process. Lots of problems need to be solved.

And really, that’s what the main thing is that a software developer or programmer does. Finding solutions for problems, and writing code that implements the solution and solves the problem.

It’s very difficult to explain, because it’s so abstract, and it’s best to really experience it for yourself, which is why I have a course that teaches you how to code and how to make your first video game, so that you can see what it’s like.

The course is actually designed for kids between 9 and 12 years old, and you can get started with it right now by going to codeclasses4kids.com or cc4k.co

So can we say that there is a difference between a coder and a programmer?

No. And even these two, are quite similar to a software developer or software engineer.

We can sort of say that these two are different from hackers and tech entrepreneurs, even though they are very similar.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you have an idea for an app. A game. Let’s say you invented pokemon go. Before it actually existed of course, just as a hypothetical example.

Now on one level you have the idea how the app is going to look, how it’s going to work. You walk around catching pokemons in the real world with augmented reality, you can see a map of the world around you and other players.

Okay fine, but how are we actually going to make this happen?

So that’s where the software engineering comes in.

Actually deciding to use the camera and gps, and what technology to use to show a realistic pokemon in 3D space, and how to track players on the map… Some of these things can be planned and strategized without writing a single line of code yet. You just need to have some knowledge and experience about how all of this stuff works, and what technologies are available, and how they are implemented.

But once you have a plan in place, you’ve acted sort of like an architect, and you have a blueprint, well then, it’s time to actually make things happen and write some code.

And that’s where we could say alright, planning everything was engineering, and now actually coding it, typing the stuff in whatever programming language you use, is – well – programming. But the whole process is still called software development.

So you already see, the lines are blurry, and it really can differ between from one company to the next and how they set up their work.

Most apps are developed by teams, and so you have managers and workers, and bosses, and directors.

And they might all be coders, but they all have different levels of skill, knowledge, experience, and take on different responsibilities and tasks in the whole project.

And then, even once an app has been made, and it works perfectly fine, it has all the features that users want, and there are no bugs in the code, well someone still has to figure out how to sell it, market it, and make money from it.

So that’s where - in my view - a tech entrepreneur is one person, or a very small group of people, that does it all.

Like the guy who made Minecraft. He went from writing some code in Java to create this game, building a game company around it, to finally selling it to Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars.

So that requires some entrepreneurship and business thinking. Because I want my students to go on and become the next tech billionaire, I’m also focusing on teaching kids these skillsets in my online lessons at codeclasses4kids.com

So, finally, let’s talk about hacking and scripting.

Maybe you’ve already watched my other videos about hackers, but we already know that there is ethical hacking, and evil malicious hacking.

Trying to break a website is different from trying to make sure a website can’t be broken, but it requires the same skillset and knowledge, just like a coder.

When you create a video game and you sell in-game items, you want to make sure no players lose any money, or get their credit card info stolen, or accidentally buy things for other players, right?

So you have to protect yourself against hackers, and against those people who know how to write a few lines of code, a simple script, that can mess everything up.

That’s called cyber security, and coders or programmers can specialize in those fields.

Okay I hope you’ve learned something and you know see how coding, programming, hacking, and software engineering is all the same thing. And no matter if you want to become the next tech billionaire, have a well paying job, or just create something cool that other people will enjoy using, you should learn how to code.

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I’m a programming teacher and I teach kids the skillset of software developers and the mindset of tech entrepreneurs. I have big hopes that many of my students will go on to become the next tech billionaire. Could you be one of them?

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