About Coding Lessons

Articles and discussion about learning to code, the concepts behind my approach, and general useful information you might want to know about my lessons.

Membership Plan Features

Overview of each Membership plan
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Types of Lessons and Pricing Info

Read about the kinds of coding lessons offered and how much they cost.
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What equipment is needed for Coding Classes?

To complete the curriculum at CodeClasses4Kids.com, all you need is a desktop or laptop computer. For all the details, read on.
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Programming languages taught and offered at CodeClasses4Kids.com

What programming languages can you expect to learn at CodeClasses4Kids? Read more to find out!
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At what age should kids learn to code?

I hear this question from parents who are looking into getting programming lessons for their kids a lot: "What ages kids do you teach to code?" "What's the minimum age for learning to code?" "Is my child too old to learn coding with you?" or any other variation. And rather than to throw out an arbitrary number, I would like to answer this question in a way that helps you make the best decision about what works for your child.
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